Chicken, apples, bacon and a slow cooker – does it get better than this?

Since I moved to Kentucky from Michigan two years ago, one ingredient has become a mainstay in our house.  And that is….BACON.  I have no idea why – I don’t know if you can say that bacon is necessarily Southern, but I never bought it in Michigan.  Strange.  It probably started when I had my first Benedictine sandwich (more on that in a future blog post), but I love to cook with it.

And, I found a great recipe on Pinterest that combines bacon with a few other staples in our house – chicken and apples.  The recipe, Slow Cooker Bacon-Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken, – courtesy of Six Sisters’ Stuff – uses one of my favorite kitchen appliances, my ancient crockpot*, and was easy enough to throw together in a few minutes.

crock pot in pantry

Here’s the crockpot doing its magic…in our butler’s pantry.  By all the booze.  (Another addition to our house since moving.  I guess you can say that we truly embraced the Kentucky culture with the horse racing and the bourbon.  Yum.)

I let it cook for 8 hours and then made a few side dishes (green beans and mashed potatoes) toserve with the chicken.

The verdict? Delicious. Spectacular. Looked exactly like the picture above. The apples and the lemon mellowed out the BBQ sauce, and the bacon flavor was a just enough.  My only complaint?  I probably would have taken it out a little sooner than 8 hours.  The sugar in the BBQ sauce burned a bit and made my crockpot a pain to clean up.  But, it could just be my crockpot.

*Hilariously, after I wrote this post and went to clean the crockpot, I noticed a huge crack down the middle of the ceramic container.  I’ve used it a ton over the past 7.5 years, so I guess it’s time to get a new one!  🙂