Fold Your Sheets the Pretty Way

Folded Sheets

Just a quick post today – I’ve been swamped these last few weeks with Thanksgiving, shopping for Christmas and getting ready for a baby shower that I’m hosting next weekend.  But I saw this pin on Pinterest many moons ago and I finally gave it a try last week.

Kelly at posted this great tutorial on how to fold bedsheets – Four Ways to Fold Bedsheets.

If you’re like me, I usually fold the flat sheet and just bundled up the fitted sheet in a ball and shove it in my linen closet.  It’s a total mess, and when I do need to use those sheets, they are wrinkled and look sloppy.   I was in desperate need of this post.

I used Method 2, like the picture above, that creates a little package for your sheets.  Here’s how mine turned out:


It’s like a nice little package in my linen closet!  You should give it a try today!


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