Trader Joe’s Tamale Pie

Oh, Trader Joe’s.  How I love thee.

Really, I think I have a little bit of an obsession with Trader Joe’s.  You can not believe my excitement when Louisville got a Trader Joe’s in October 2011.  I finally lived in a town where there is a TJ’s and to top it off, it’s less than 3 miles from my house.  Heaven, seriously heaven.

And, one of my favorite things about Trader Joe’s is trying new ingredients.  Each time I go, I try to grab one or two things that are new to me, just to give them a try.  And, I had been wanting to try their tomato-less salsa, made with corn and peppers.  The TJ’s website had a recipe that included this ingredient, so I thought I would give it a try.  Here’s my version for the Tamale Pie.

The pie is polenta with a mixture of chicken chili and the tomato-less salsa and cheese, and topped with more polenta and more cheese.  Because I was able to buy pre made polenta and a can of chicken chili at TJ’s, it took minutes to put together.  I served it with a little sour cream to go on top.

Here’s a snapshot of my version of the tamale pie.  As you can see, we dug in and it was polished off in two days.  It was delicious!  The polenta was creamy and has a wonderful corn flavor.  The chicken chili and the tomato-less salsa was the perfect filling.  Needless to say, we are officially adding this to the rotation at the Bosscher house.

There are so many products at Trader Joe’s that I want to try that I’ve started a Board on Pinterest to keep track – my Trader Joe’s Shopping List.  Because I have Pinterest on my iPhone, it’s easy to access the list when I’m at the store.  Just one more reason that I love Pinterest.


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