Glass Shower Cleaner – Lemons and Salt

Now that I’m home on maternity leave, I seem to have a little bit more time around the house.   And I’ve been blessed with a baby who likes to take a few long naps every day so I figured I might want to tackle a few cleaning projects.  I saw this pin floating around Pinterest and I figured why not?

Thanks to Picklee for the post – 10 Remarkable DYI Cleaning Solutions.  I decided to try the glass shower cleaner because I had an extra lemon laying around the house and my shower is pretty gross after a month of baby time.  Plus, I figured it would be quick so just in case my little pumpkin starts crying, I can take a break.

How did it go?  It actually worked really well.  My shower wall cleaned up well without a lot of scrubbing.  One lemon did the trick for the inside of the shower and it really did remove all of the soap scum (and there was a lot!)  And, no fumes or extra chemicals in the house!

The only downside- it left a bunch of salt and lemon pieces all over the shower walls.  It look a while to wipe them down and I’m still sure there are salt pieces on the walls.  Hopefully my husband doesn’t spot them tomorrow morning!


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