Milk Jug Watering Can

So, this link was floating around Pinterest a lot, so I thought I would give it a try.  I laughed because the tag for this post is, “Good grief, I should have done this years ago.”  And, yes, we all should have done this years ago.  For a thrifty Dutch girl like myself, why not make your own watering can?

The lovely blog, A Journey to Dream, put together these simple instructions for creating the milk jug watering can.  I didn’t exactly follow her instructions by using a needle and some matches.  In fact, I didn’t even punch the holes – my handy father-in-law helped me out with that one.

Watering CanSo, here’s our finished product.  It comes in really handy because I have two flower pots on the front porch that need constant watering and it’s a lot easier to fill up a milk jug in the sink than mess with a big ol’ watering can.  (And, I think our watering can got left in Michigan!)

My one complaint – the water flows a little slow, so I find myself squeezing the jug to make it go faster.  I’ve crushed one jug already, but it’s no big deal because there is always a replacement in our fridge!  🙂


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